We offer a range of services for parents and families supporting children on the autism spectrum. This includes practical support and information about autism, signposting to relevant support and early intervention, one to one coaching for parents and families, peer mentoring, personalised support and respite services to enhance the general wellbeing and resilience of the families we serve.


Our Aspirations


Our aspirations for the charity are to provide a range of innovative services that put parents/guardians and families central to everything we do.  By providing this support, we hope to improve the emotional resilience and general wellbeing of the parents, guardians, grandmothers, sibling and families which will indirectly enhance the lives of those with Autism.
Drawing upon the unique blend of the parental experience and relevant professional expertise, we aim to create a service offer that enhances the lives of families we work with.  We will offer tailored parental support services, respite services and personal growth programmes delivered by parents for parents. The Avalon community will play an active role in supporting each other and they will shape the services available to them.


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Connect with our diverse Avalon community that includes parents, caregivers, grandparents, siblings, health professionals and Avalon Advisors for practical support, guidance and peer mentoring.

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Are you struggling to find any quality time to yourself to recharge? 

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Resources to learn more about autism, what is autism, recognising the signs, support available, early intervention and alternative and non-invasive therapies.   


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Most parents raising families today struggle to have the necessary quality time to recharge.  This can be intensified when caring for someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder due to the complex and challenging care needs. 

Parental Resource Library

There is so much information available on the internet about autism today – the good, the bad and the ugly. As a new parent or family member impacted autism, you can spend many hours searching for answers and still come up empty - I know this only too well from personal experience. To tackle this we want to create a resource library that has been hand selected by our Avalon community of parents, guardians, grandparents, siblings and health professionals. The most useful research and resources they have used to help them navigate their autism journey. What is more important is our resource library will include useful factual content alongside inspiring stories of hope which are often missing. We are calling all Parents to get in touch to share your most useful resources.


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There are many unfounded myths about autism


There are lot's of treatments for autism, but no cure


Families coping with autism need help and support


Autistic people have many strengths and abilities

Dedicated team

Meet our passionate and dedicated team at Avalon. We work closely with Parents, families, Partners and Professionals to shape our innovative service offer that meets the needs of families supporting children on the autistic spectrum. To find out more about our team click on the link below;


To be the Leading Autism Charity for Parental Support and Respite Services placing families at the heart of everything we do. We aim to offer personalised and innovative programmes to improve the emotional resilience and general wellbeing of parents, guardians, grandmothers, sibling and families supporting a child with autism. By doing this we aim to indirectly enhance the lives of those individuals with Autism.


We will be developing strong partnerships with local health clubs, hotels community centres and travel operators to provide short breaks and respite for families. This will include; relaxation breaks, pampering days and short family breaks to help families relax and rejuvenate.


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Family support

Our Avalon Advisors will provide one to one support and groups workshops for parents to families to strengthen their resilience and general wellbeing. They will be promoting the importance of healthy lifestyle including healthy eating, regular exercise and relaxation methods such as mediation, art therapy and outdoor pursuits.